U.S. outlines Iran’s cruelty in human rights

Iran’s already deplorable human-rights record worsened in 2018.

That’s among the findings of the U.S. State Department’s latest Human Rights Report, which each year describes the status in countries around the world of internationally recognized human rights and worker rights, including those in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Two photos with close-up of elderly man (© AP Images) and person standing (© Abaca Press), with text overlaid on Iranian human rights

“We have told those who disgrace the concept of human dignity that they will pay a price, that their abuses will be meticulously documented and then publicized,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as he released the report on Iran and around 200 other countries.

“By articulating abuses and pressuring noncompliant regimes, we can effect change,” he said.

The report reveals the Iranian government intensified its harsh tactics against peaceful demonstrators in response to the nationwide protests of 2018. Human rights organizations reported the death of at least 30 protesters and thousands of arrests and suspicious deaths of people in police custody.

Woman looking upward (© Getty Images), with text overlaid on Iranian regime's human rights record

Rather than investigate and hold accountable the officials who committed these abuses, the Iranian regime perpetuated these crimes as a routine matter of government policy, the report found.

The regime also contributed to human rights abuses in countries outside of Iran, including arming and supporting terrorist groups operating in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

“This continues the pattern of cruelty that the regime has inflicted upon the Iranian people for more than 40 years now,” Pompeo said.