U.S. slaps sanctions on Maduro’s son

Nicolás Maduro Guerra and Nicolás Maduro, next to uniformed men (© Ariana Cubillos/AP Images)
Nicolás Maduro, right, and his son Nicolás in Caracas, Venezuela, in April 2018 (© Ariana Cubillos/AP Images)

The U.S. sanctioned Nicolás “Nicolasito” Ernesto Maduro Guerra on June 28 for his role in his father Nicolás Maduro’s former regime in Venezuela.

In 2017, Maduro Guerra was elected to the National Constituent Assembly, a body set up by Maduro to replace the legitimate National Assembly with the goal of drafting a new constitution.

Earlier this year, according to the U.S. Treasury, Maduro Guerra helped pressure the Venezuelan Army into preventing desperately needed humanitarian assistance from entering the country.

“Maduro relies on his son Nicolasito and others close to his authoritarian regime to maintain a stranglehold on the economy and suppress the people of Venezuela,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. “Maduro’s regime was built on fraudulent elections, and his inner circle lives in luxury off the proceeds of corruption while the Venezuelan people suffer.”

Following the June 28 sanctions, Maduro Guerra’s assets and property in the United States are blocked.

The U.S. “will continue to target complicit relatives of illegitimate regime insiders profiting off of Maduro’s corruption,” said Mnuchin.