The United States stands with the people of Venezuela and is ready to provide urgent humanitarian aid to them. Share these images, which convey the difficulties endured by the Venezuelan people. Watch for new shareables to be added here.

Photo of displaced people carrying belongings across a river with text saying how many live outside their country (State Dept./J. Maruszewski)Photo of boy scooping corn kernels from the street with text saying how many Venezuelan families can't buy food (State Dept./J. Maruszewski)Photo of man and children in tent city with text giving Venezuela's inflation rate (State Dept./J. Maruszewski)

Photo of child getting shot with text showing percentage of Venezuelan hospitals without enough medicine (State Dept./S. Wilkinson)Photo showing homeless-looking man sitting on curb with bag of belongings with text showing percent of Venezuelan unemployment (State Dept./S. Wilkinson)

Photo of people on cots with text showing percentage of the rise in malaria cases in Venezuela (State Dept./S. Wilkinson)