U.S. to give additional $119 million for Venezuela’s crisis

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced nearly $119 million in new U.S. humanitarian assistance to address Venezuela’s ongoing crisis. This brings total U.S. commitment for the people of Venezuela to $568 million since fiscal year 2017.

The funds include nearly $36 million for lifesaving relief efforts inside of Venezuela that will provide urgently needed medicine, water, shelter, hygiene supplies, mental health counseling and improved access to health care for Venezuelans in need, Pompeo told heads of state at a September 25 meeting on Venezuela hosted by President Trump at the United Nations General Assembly.

Info on U.S. aid given for Venezuela's crisis; photo of laughing children (© Rodrigo Abd/AP Images)The balance of funds will assist countries in the region that are hosting the 4.3 million Venezuelans displaced by the corruption and brutality of the former Maduro regime.

A day earlier, United States Agency for International Development Administrator Mark Green announced that the Trump administration will triple, to $52 million, development assistance funds to strengthen and restore democratic governance under interim President Juan Guaidó, his government and the people of Venezuela.

The National Assembly, with Guaidó as its president, is the only democratic institution remaining in Venezuela. Guaido’s representative to the U.S. expressed gratitude on Twitter.

To date, 55 countries around the world, including the U.S., have recognized Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim president.