U.S.: ‘Venezuela can be prosperous again’

Venezuela was once a model of freedom, democracy and prosperity in the region and can be so again, U.S. Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams said April 25.

“The nation’s history reminds us of the tremendous potential Venezuela has and the country it will be when it escapes the current disaster,” Abrams said in a speech to the Atlantic Council in Washington.

Abrams laid out a vision of Venezuela’s democratic transition under interim President Juan Guaidó, one that includes free and fair elections, a truly professional and well-trained armed force, and a free and fair economy that works for all Venezuelans. All three components are possible and key to rebuilding Venezuela, Abrams said.

Interim President Guaidó and the National Assembly are committed to building an economy that works for all Venezuelans, Abrams said, and he emphasized that the United States is committed to working with Venezuela through the transition and seeing prosperity return.

“Venezuela can be prosperous again,” Abrams said. “We are confident that Venezuelans will in the end be free.”

Some highlights from the speech:

Photo of boy in crowd raising small Venezuelan flag, with Abrams quote at the top (State Dept./© Shutterstock.com)
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