The United States and European allies remain steadfast in their support for Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty.

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Voices of Ukraine: Oleksandr [March 30, 2022]

In 2014, Oleksandr lost both arms and an eye in fighting the Russian military. He is still determined to defend his country.

Graphic labeled 'Voices of Ukraine' with two quotes by Oleksandr and photo of him in uniform holding bouquet (State Dept./M. Gregory. Photo: Courtesy of Oleksandr)
(State Dept./M. Gregory)

Biden, NATO allies pledge billions in new Ukraine aid [March 29, 2022]

During his first trip to Europe since Russia invaded Ukraine, President Biden unveiled actions to hold Putin accountable for war atrocities.

Joe Biden speaking at NATO lectern with U.S. and NATO flags at his sides (© Evan Vucci/AP Images)
President Biden speaks about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine during a news conference March 24 after a NATO summit and Group of Seven meeting at NATO headquarters in Brussels. (© Evan Vucci/AP Images)

Racing to protect Ukraine’s cultural heritage [March 29, 2022]

Across Ukraine, hundreds are scrambling to save priceless artworks, monuments, buildings and cultural sites from destruction.

Three people moving a large painting down stairs in a museum (© Bernat Armangue/AP Images)
Workers at the Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv move the “Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin of the Bohorodchany Iconostasis” March 4 as part of safety preparations in the event of a Russian attack. (© Bernat Armangue/AP Images)

The truth about Putin’s war (video) [March 28, 2022]

Listen to firsthand accounts from four Ukrainians on what they think about Vladimir Putin’s war against their country.

Video title frame with four people (State Dept.)
(State Dept.)

Putin’s lies are a broken record (infographic) [March 25, 2022]

The Russian government’s disinformation campaign justifying its unprovoked attacks on Ukraine reprises some old Kremlin hits.

List of Kremlin's top 5 disinformation narratives, torn off at the bottom indicating a continuation (State Dept./M. Friedman. Image: © Sanches11/
(State Dept./M. Friedman)

‘We are horrified’: Russians in U.S. condemn invasion of Ukraine [March 24, 2022]

U.S. residents who identify with their Russian heritage are showing support for the people of Ukraine in various ways.

Hand holding up heart sign in colors of Ukraine and Russia saying 'Russians against war' (© Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)
A person holds a sign at a rally in support of Ukraine March 6 in New York City’s Russian neighborhood of Brighton Beach. Hundreds of people gathered to show support for Ukraine. (© Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

Americans’ generosity helps Ukrainian refugees [March 23, 2022]

From faith-based organizations to college students, Americans are doing what they can to help Ukrainians fleeing Putin’s war.

People gathering near buses (© Jess Heugel/Convoy of Hope)
People fleeing from Ukraine get soup in Poland from Convoy of Hope, one of many U.S. groups providing assistance. (© Jess Heugel/Convoy of Hope)

Real news site or Russian propaganda? [March 22, 2022]

News Front is an example of Russia’s strategy of using state-controlled media to legitimize and popularize Kremlin disinformation narratives.

Illustration of computer screen peeling back to show real website (State Dept./M. Gregory)
(State Dept./M. Gregory)

Putin’s pattern of lies (video) [March 21, 2022]

From Syria to Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has a track record of using disinformation to hide what Russia is doing. Learn some recent examples.Video title frame with Vladimir Putin (State Dept.)

The world is united with Ukraine (video) [March 17, 2022]

From Moscow to New York to Seoul, people are marching in the streets protesting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.Screenshot of video showing demonstrators and text in support of Ukraine (State Dept.)

How to tell fact from fiction online — even in wartime [March 16, 2022]

Don’t be fooled by rogue sites pretending to be news. Here are some tips for evaluating online information.

Image of hand checking boxes by four tips to verify credibility of online information (State Dept./M. Gregory. Image: © Pasuwan/
(State Dept./M. Gregory)

Russia’s media crackdown hides war in Ukraine [March 15, 2022]

A new Russian law makes factual reporting about the war in Ukraine punishable by 15 years in prison, forcing many independent media to leave.

Sign with CNN logo and 'Facts First' (© Ron Harris/AP Images)
CNN is among U.S. media outlets that suspended operations in Russia after a new law essentially criminalized independent reporting. CNN’s slogan is “Facts First.” (© Ron Harris/AP Images)

U.S. companies mobilize to support Ukraine [March 14, 2022]

From Netflix to Harley Davidson, the U.S. private sector is working to support the people of Ukraine and cut ties to the Russian government.

Two men serving food from food truck (Courtesy of World Central Kitchen)
Chef José Andrés prepares sandwiches at a reception center in Młyny, Poland, near the border with Ukraine, March 1. The owners of World Central Kitchen’s partner Oh My Ramen are from Ukraine but live in Poland. (Courtesy of World Central Kitchen)

Vice President Harris calls U.S. commitment to NATO ‘ironclad’ [March 14, 2022]

Vice President Harris affirmed America’s support for NATO allies on a recent trip to Poland and Romania and denounced Putin’s aggression.

Vice President Harris and Polish President Andrzej Duda standing behind lecterns (© Saul Loeb/AP Images)
U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris and Polish President Andrzej Duda speak during a joint news conference in Warsaw about their support for Ukraine and NATO allies. (© Saul Loeb/AP Images)

Voices of Ukraine: Stanislav [March 11, 2022]

Stanislav wants the world to know what he endured after the Russian military invaded Ukraine in 2014. The electric shocks, the beatings.

Photo of Stanislav in graphic with his quotes about Ukraine (State Dept./M. Gregory. Photo: Courtesy of Stanislav)
(State Dept./M. Gregory)

Russians risk arrest for protesting Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine [March 10]

Thousands of Russians are publicly taking a stand against Putin’s war in Ukraine, protesting in the streets or petitioning for peace.

Security forces arresting demonstrator (© Andalou Agency/Getty Images)
Security forces detain an anti-war protester in St. Petersburg March 6. (© Andalou Agency/Getty Images)

Landmarks light up in support of Ukraine (photo gallery) [March 9, 2022]

Around the world, iconic buildings glow blue and yellow to show solidarity with Ukraine and protest the Russian government’s aggression against that country.

Two people leaning on each other with two buildings in distance with Ukrainian flags projected on them (© Javad Parsa/NTB/AFP/Getty Images)
A couple looks at Oslo City Hall in Norway, illuminated with the colors of the Ukrainian flag February 24 as a symbolic act of solidarity with Ukraine. (© Javad Parsa/NTB/AFP/Getty Images)

Voices of Ukraine: Nataliya  [March  8, 2022]

Nataliya had to rebuild her life after the 2014 Russian invasion. She works every day to help empower fellow displaced Ukrainians.

Smiling woman with two children (Courtesy of Nataliya)
After fleeing occupied Ukraine with her family, Nataliya, shown with her children, is working to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians. (Courtesy of Nataliya)

Overwhelming majority of nations demand Putin end war in Ukraine [March 8, 2022]

In a demonstration of global unity, the U.N. General Assembly voted to condemn the Russian government’s attack on Ukraine.

Man standing amid rubble from bombed house (© Emmanuel Duparcq/AFP/Getty Images)
In a historic vote, the U.N. General Assembly condemned the Russian government’s war against Ukraine. Above, a Ukrainian man stands in rubble after a Russian bombing March 2. (© Emmanuel Duparcq/AFP/Getty Images)

In Putin’s own words (video) [March 7, 2022]

People standing under text that reads 'World leaders are United with Ukraine' (© AP Images)Leaders worldwide oppose the Russia government’s aggression against Ukraine. Learn what Vladimir Putin said in 2002 about the role of NATO.

World isolates Putin’s regime after Ukraine invasion [March 4, 2022]

From blocking financial transactions to stopping energy imports, nations acted to hold Russia’s leaders accountable for the attack on Ukraine.

Sign reading 'flight cancelled' (© Mario Tama/Getty Images)
A sign at Los Angeles International Airport notifies passengers of canceled Russian airline Aeroflot flights March 2 after President Biden closed U.S. airspace to Russian aircraft March 1. (© Mario Tama/Getty Images)

‘No to War’: Prominent Russians speak out against Putin’s war on Ukraine [March 4, 2022]

Prominent Russians are joining calls for an end to the war in Ukraine. See how they are protesting Putin’s aggression.

Police carrying away protester as crowd protests in street (© Anton Vaganov/Reuters)
As thousands of Russians take to the streets to protest President Vladimir Putin’s war, some of the country’s most prominent names are also speaking out. (© Anton Vaganov/Reuters)

Biden salutes Ukrainians’ resolve in State of the Union [March 3, 2022]

In his first State of the Union address to Congress, the president highlighted how the U.S. and partners are united behind Ukraine.

Audience member waving small Ukrainian flag as Joe Biden addresses Congress (© Saul Loeb/AP Images)
President Biden delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress at the Capitol on March 1 in Washington. (© Saul Loeb/AP Images)

U.S. increases emergency aid to Ukraine [March 3, 2022]

The United States is providing an additional $54 million in humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians affected by Russia’s invasion.

List of some items in $54 million humanitarian assistance package from U.S., photo of flags made from thermal blanket (Photo: © Ilona Lablaika/
(State Dept./M. Gregory)

Putin’s regime lied (video) [March 2, 2022]

The Russian government insisted it had no plans to invade Ukraine. It lied. Here’s a recap of some statements leading up to the invasion.

Video still of Ukrainian city of Kyiv (State Dept.)

Voices of Ukraine: Andriana (video) [March 1, 2022]

Andriana shares the story of her life after Russia’s unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine in 2014 and again in 2022.

Woman standing behind flag of Ukraine (State Dept.)

Biden: ‘Putin has committed an assault on the very principles that uphold global peace’ [February 28, 2022]

President Biden made clear to the Russian government and the world the consequences of its “brutal assault” on Ukraine.

A rocket stuck in a home following shelling on the northern outskirts of Kharkiv on February 24 (© Sergey Bobok/AFP/Getty Images)

Cities worldwide rally in support of Ukraine [photo gallery] [February 28, 2022]

People all over the world gathered to stand in solidarity with Ukraine and oppose Russia’s unprovoked invasion.

Protesters in Berlin holding flags at night (© Hannibal Hanschke/Getty Images)
With the Brandenburg Gate illuminated in solidarity with Ukraine, people in Berlin gathered February 24 to oppose Russia’s invasion. (© Hannibal Hanschke/Getty Images)

World condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine [February 28, 2022]

World leaders are calling for Russian President Vladimir Putin to end his invasion of Ukraine. Read their statements against the war.

People waiting on train station platform (© Vadim Ghirda/AP Images)
People in the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine wait for a train February 24 after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an attack on the country. (© Vadim Ghirda/AP Images)

Biden condemns Putin’s ‘unprovoked and unjustified’ invasion of Ukraine [February 25, 2022]

President Biden called Russia’s actions a “flagrant violation of international law” and reiterated U.S. support for Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Firefighters climbing ladder near building with smoke (© Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images)
Firefighters respond to a fire after an attack on the eastern Ukraine town of Chuguiv February 24. (© Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images)

Putin’s revisionist history is an attempt to justify invasion [February 25, 2022]

Russian President Vladimir Putin is twisting history in an attempt to justify his invasion of Ukraine. Learn about this sovereign nation.

Cathedral surrounded by trees (© DEA/C. Pozzoni/De Agostini/Getty Images)
The Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine, seen circa 1991, dates back to the 11th century, when Ukraine was the center of Kyivan Rus, then the largest state in Europe. (© DEA/C. Pozzoni/De Agostini/Getty Images)

World recognizes Ukraine’s legitimate borders (infographic) [February 22, 2022]

The 2014 Russian invasion created a “line of contact” separating Ukrainians. Both sides of the line are recognized as Ukraine’s territory.

Map of 'line of contact' in Ukraine and list of main reasons people cross (Photo: © Kutsenko Volodymyr/
(State Dept./M. Gregory. Photo: © Kutsenko Volodymyr/ Source: U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)

Blinken warns of Russia’s threat to Ukraine in U.N. speech [February 18, 2022]

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken says the stakes in Ukraine go beyond its borders. Russia’s continued threats challenge the founding principles of the U.N.

Barbara Woodward, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, James Cleverly and Antony Blinken sitting (© Richard Drew/AP Images)
Secretary of State Antony Blinken (front right) addresses the U.N Security Council on February 17 as U.K. Minister of State for Europe James Cleverly, U.K. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Barbara Woodward and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield sit nearby. (© Richard Drew/AP Images)

The Kremlin’s disinformation tactics: Media manipulation (video) [February 17, 2022]

The Kremlin’s disinformation goals are to manipulate and weaken adversaries. In this video, learn to spot clues of Russian disinformation.

Main building of Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) (© Ivan Sekretarev/AP Images)
The main building of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), seen reflected in a shop’s glass door on Lubyanka Square in Moscow in 2013 (© Ivan Sekretarev/AP Images)

Russia’s ‘barbaric treatment’ of Ukrainian cultural sites [February 16, 2022]

A 2021 UNESCO report details how Russia aims to rewrite history by damaging Ukrainian cultural sites in Crimea.

Wooden beams leaning against cracked wall (© Alexei Konovalov/TASS/Getty Images)
Renovation work at the Khan’s Palace in February in the town of Bakhchysarai, Crimea. UNESCO said Russia is damaging, not restoring, the palace. (© Alexei Konovalov/TASS/Getty Images)

Americans honor Ukrainian poet Shevchenko [February 10, 2022]

U.S. cities that honor Taras Shevchenko include Cleveland, Detroit, New York and Washington. Learn how they pay tribute to this poet and why.

Image of Taras Shevchenko next to four lines of his poetry (State Dept./M. Gregory. Image: © Natali Li/ Background: © Lukasz Szwaj/
(State Dept./M. Gregory)

U.S., NATO allies united with Ukraine (video) [February 9, 2022]

Leaders from Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Spain and the U.K. are among those showing their support to the people of Ukraine.

Man gesturing while speaking next to flag (© Hannibal Hanschke/AP Images)
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg speaks during a news conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin January 18. (© Hannibal Hanschke/AP Images)

U.S. helps preserve Ukraine’s important cultural sites [February 8, 2022]

Over the years, the U.S. has helped Ukraine to protect and preserve its unique cultural heritage. Learn more about some of the projects.

Old church with scaffolding around it (U.S. Embassy Kyiv)
St. George’s Church in Drohobych, Ukraine, in 2013. (U.S. Embassy Kyiv)

Ukrainian Americans show support for Ukraine [February 3, 2022]

See what some Ukrainian Americans across the United States have to say about Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Woman wrapped in Ukrainian flag holding sign at rally (© Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket/Getty Images)
Protesters in New York’s Union Square hold placards during a rally on January 22 in support of Ukraine and against Russia. (© Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket/Getty Images)

Crisis in Ukraine: Humanitarian costs [February 2, 2022]

Ukrainian people have suffered since 2014, when Russian-led forces invaded, seized Crimea and instigated conflict in the Donbas region.

Graphic listing humanitarian statistics with humanitarian aid photo in background (Photo: UNICEF Ukraine/Aleksey Filipov/CC BY 2.0)
(State Dept./M. Gregory)

Russia’s one-sided reporting and blatant disinformation [January 27, 2022]

The Kremlin directs state-run media outlets to amplify false stories, making it hard for the public to distinguish what is true.

Speech bubbles contrasting lies vs. truth (State Dept.)
(State Dept.)

Blinken pledges support for Ukraine during trip to Europe [January 25, 2022]

Secretary of State Antony Blinken traveled to Ukraine, Germany and Switzerland to reinforce America’s commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Antony Blinken and Dmytro Kuleba bumping arms (© Alex Brandon/AP Images)
Secretary of State Antony Blinken (left) and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba bump arms at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kyiv, Ukraine, January 19. (© Alex Brandon/AP Images)

How Russia conducts false flag operations [January 24, 2022]

Nations plant “false flags” to look like victims or justify war. Learn how Russia has used false flag operations to hide its aggression.

Illustration of Russian hiding behind Ukrainian mask (State Dept./M. Gregory)
(State Dept./M. Gregory)

Russia targets Ukraine with disinformation campaign [January 21, 2022]

Russia’s state media continue to publish stories that they know are untrue. Find out how one story in Ukraine was distorted.

Graphic describing how Russia spreads disinformation in Ukraine
(State Dept./M. Gregory)

Russia’s leaders use state media as a political weapon [January 21, 2022]

Russia’s state-owned media remain loyal to the government and stifle opposing views. The outlets spread disinformation about other nations.

Man wearing headphones in studio (©
State-controlled broadcasting outlets in Russia offer a pro-Kremlin version of the news to their audiences. (©

America’s steadfast support for Ukraine, European security [January 11, 2022]

The United States and NATO allies remain committed in their support for Ukraine’s independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Illustration of U.S,, EU and Ukrainian flags together (© helloRuby/
(© helloRuby/

U.S., NATO allies strengthen trans-Atlantic bond [December 11, 2021]

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with European allies to discuss their union and ways to guard against possible Russian aggression.

Leaders lining up for photo (NATO)
Official photo of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs (NATO)