U.S. humanitarian aid for Ukraine war tops $2.6 billion

Graphic outlining U.S. humanitarian aid for Ukraine war with photo of men putting wounded woman into ambulance (Graphic: State Dept./M. Gregory. Photo: © Ukrainian Emergency Service via AP)
(State Dept./M. Gregory)

The U.S. commitment to Ukraine in the face of Russia’s aggression is broad and enduring.

The U.S. government has provided more than $2.6 billion (PDF, 753KB) in humanitarian assistance to help people affected by Russia’s 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

This humanitarian assistance — through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.S. Department of State — includes:

  • Emergency food and shelter.
  • Health assistance, including mental health and psychosocial support.
  • Access to safe drinking water.
  • Essential items, such as kitchen sets and bedding kits.

While the bulk of humanitarian assistance was directed inside Ukraine, more than $451 million went to help meet needs in the region. That includes Poland, Moldova and other neighboring countries.

Partnering with other organizations

Humanitarian programs also support U.N. agencies such as UNICEF, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Organization for Migration and the World Health Organization, along with others working in Ukraine and in neighboring countries.

The aid comes as Russia’s war of aggression has displaced more than 5 million people within Ukraine and forced some 6 million to seek refuge in neighboring countries and beyond.

Russia’s bombing and shelling continues to damage and destroy roads, bridges, dams and railroads as well as hospitals, schools and grain ports.

New humanitarian assistance will provide everything from shelter for those whose homes have been destroyed to trauma support for those who have been most affected by Russia’s war.

“We see what is happening in Ukraine: Russia continues to burn, Ukraine continues to build,” USAID Administrator Samantha Power said July 17 in Kyiv.