Got a dollar? Take a virtual tour of the White House.

Ever wanted to visit the White House for a state dinner? Are you too old to participate in the Easter Egg Roll?

With a phone and a dollar bill, you can do the next best thing — explore the residence of the presidents using 1600, an augmented reality app.

No, the dollar isn’t the price of admission or the cost of the app. Instead, when you point your phone’s camera at a $1 bill, the app brings the dollar to life. An interactive video follows four seasons in the White House. You can zoom over a press conference in the Rose Garden, hover over Fourth of July fireworks, and follow Marine One, the president’s helicopter, as it lands on the South Lawn.

If you can’t be one of the about 100,000 people who visit the White House every month, never fear. You can visit “the People’s House” virtually with Google Maps, and even check out its art collections.

The 1600 app was developed by the White House, the White House Historical Association and Nexus Studios, and is available for Apple and Android devices.