Make your voice heard on college radio

Through college radio, students like Navid Razi at the University of Texas at Arlington are able to get hands-on experience in journalism and with advanced media technologies. (AP Images)

Maybe you want to promote a local band. Or keep students in-the-know about local and world news. Or just express your views to a wider audience.

College students can do all that and more on a student-run radio station. These are nearly as old as radio itself, and can be found all over the world.

Twenty years ago, college stations began to expand beyond FM radio. The University of North Carolina’s WXYC led the way with the first Internet radio broadcast on November 7, 1994. Now that mobile and Internet listeners can tune in from anywhere, college stations are expanding their audiences well beyond campus.

On October 3, World College Radio Day, 24 college stations from around the world jointly produced a 24-hour live broadcast. Each programmed one hour and reached a global audience. Learn more in this multilanguage video.

College radio volunteers learn how to prepare shows, promote and advertise their work, and train and manage staff. News broadcasts offer future journalists hands-on experience.

No station near you? Build your own. With free audio editing software and a host website, you can record and share your own podcasts with the world.  

Isn’t it time to make your voice heard?