President Obama walking down outdoor columned walkway (White House/Lawrence Jackson)
President Obama walks along the West Colonnade of the White House to his office. (White House/Lawrence Jackson)

Visitors to Washington can tour the White House with the help of their member of Congress or their embassy.

But if you can’t come to Washington, you can still get a virtual tour of the West Wing. Watch the video to see the famous Oval Office and learn about the president’s “45-second commute” and other interesting facts.

Your tour is led by Leah Katz-Hernandez, the official receptionist of the United States, who also oversees the White House guest book and the West Wing’s main meeting spot, the Roosevelt Room.

Because Katz-Hernandez is deaf, the tour is given in sign language and narrated by an interpreter. Her tour highlights the fact that President Franklin Roosevelt, who was the longest-serving president and led the country out of the Great Depression and through most of World War II, also lived and worked with a disability.