Who sits where during a State of the Union speech? [infographic]

Overhead view of Joe Biden speaking in the Chamber of the House of Representatives (© Jim Lo Scalzo/AP)
President Biden delivers his first State of the Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 1, 2022. (© Jim Lo Scalzo/AP)

The three branches of the federal government come together at the U.S. Capitol every year (except a president’s first year in office) to hear the president deliver the State of the Union address. That speech to a joint session of Congress allows the president to lay out an agenda for the coming year.

President Biden’s second State of the Union address is scheduled for February 7. Take a look at where the president will make his remarks and where all the major players in Washington — including the first lady, Supreme Court justices, the Cabinet and media — will sit to listen to him.

Graphic showing where people sit for State of the Union speech (State Dept./Julia Maruszewski)
(State Dept./J. Maruszewski)

An earlier version of this story was published February 24, 2022.