A month after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal on April 25, the country’s government and the international community continue to grapple with its aftermath — and much still needs to be done.

Recent estimates indicate 2.8 million Nepalis remain in need of humanitarian assistance, including about 860,000 people who need immediate help due to loss of shelter, access constraints and poverty.

The United States, in coordination with the Nepalese government and international relief groups, provides assistance to people in need around the country. On May 26, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) provided an additional $4 million to support earthquake response efforts, bringing the total U.S. government contribution to over $61 million.

As of May 26, the U.S. has provided the following earthquake relief to Nepal:

Businesses also are mobilizing expertise, capabilities and resources to help Nepal. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce website highlights the scope of this help with its Nepal Earthquake — Corporate Aid Tracker.

What can you do to help the people of Nepal? USAID provides a list of relief agencies that need your support today.