For World Wildlife Day, check out these cool photos

As you mark World Wildlife Day on March 3 — whether by working for conservation of wildlife or supporting groups that do — take a look at some diverse animals in their U.S. habitats in winter. Savor these snowy scenes as the Northern Hemisphere looks forward to spring.


Herds of bison and elk in snow (© National Geographic/Charlie Hamilton James)
Bison and elk share winter ranges in the National Elk Refuge near Jackson, Wyoming. (© National Geographic/Charlie Hamilton James)

Red fox

Red fox leaping in snow (© National Geographic/Robbie George)
A red fox pounces on a rodent that has burrowed under the snow. (© National Geographic/Robbie George)

Female cardinal

Female cardinal sitting on tree branch (© National Geographic/George Grall)
A female northern cardinal forages for food in the Patapsco River valley in Maryland. (© National Geographic/George Grall)

Elk and coyote

Herd of elk and one lone coyote (© National Geographic/Tom Murphy)
In the winter, mice live in a snow-covered world of tunnels along the surface of the ground where it is relatively warm. When elk and bison feed, they paw away the snow to expose grass and other food, and they inadvertently expose the mice pathways to predators. The coyote at right is checking the disturbed snow for mice as the elk move away. (© National Geographic/Tom Murphy)

Gray wolf

Wolf resting in snow (© National Geographic/Jim and Jamie Dutcher)
Covered with snowflakes, this gray wolf rests in deep snow in the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. (© National Geographic/Jim and Jamie Dutcher)

Trumpeter swan

Swan swimming in river, snowy shore in background (© National Geographic/James P. Blair)
A trumpeter swan glides across a calm river in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. (© National Geographic/James P. Blair)

Bald eagles

Group of bald eagles (© National Geographic/Don Pitcher/Alaska Stock)
Each year, bald eagles gather on the Kachemak Bay, which is on the southwest side of the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. (© National Geographic/Don Pitcher/Alaska Stock)

Harbor seals

Seals lying on ice next to wall of ice (© National Geographic/Jonathan Kingston)
A large group of harbor seals rests on icebergs floating below the massive blue face of the Dawes Glacier in Tracy Arm Fjord near Juneau, Alaska. (© National Geographic/Jonathan Kingston)


Cougar perched on rocky ledge (© National Geographic/Steve Winter)
A remote camera captures a cougar on a rock outcrop in Wyoming’s Gros Ventre Wilderness area of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. (© National Geographic/Steve Winter)

Snow geese

Large flock of geese flying (© National Geographic/Vickie Anderson)
Snow geese flock together at their wintering grounds in Skagit County in western Washington state. (© National Geographic/Vickie Anderson)

Snowy owl

Snowy owl perched on fence (© National Geographic/Robbie George)
A snowy owl perches on a fence and scans Maine’s winter landscape. (© National Geographic/Robbie George)

White-tailed deer

Deer in snow (© National Geographic/Michael Forsberg)
In central Nebraska, a hidden camera catches this image of a white-tailed deer. (© National Geographic/Michael Forsberg)