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Sam: This aquarium is humongous!

Paul: Yes, it’s the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere and houses tens of thousands of fish and other sea creatures.

Gina: And it houses some notable species.

Claudine: Like whale sharks. I’m looking forward to seeing those. This is one of the few places in the world to see them. Let’s go see them first.

Sam: Sounds good to me. After that, I want to see the manta ray. There are only four places in the world that display one, and this is one of those places.

Claudine: Great. Let’s go see the whale sharks and then the manta ray.


Humongous :极其庞大的

The Western Hemisphere :西半球。A meridian:地球经线

To house :(动词)给……住所,把……安置在某处所

Sea creatures :海洋生物

Notable :值得注意的,重要的

whale shark :鲸鲨,海洋里的最大型鱼种,体长可超过12米。鲸鲨以海中小鱼和浮游生物为食。

manta ray :蝠鲼,鳐鱼类中之最巨,体宽可达近八米。(ray 是形体扁平、拖一细长尾的软骨鱼类。)蝠鲼与鲨鱼同类,大多无害。全世界只有少数大型水族馆有蝠鲼。

To display :展出,展示

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